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About Mustard Seed Truck Insurance

About Mustard Seed Truck Insurance

Mustard Seed began working in the insurance business in 1964 in both the USA and England. In 1982, we began Mustard Seed Truck Insurance because we wanted to ensure every transportation client received the best in service, insurance knowledge and competitive pricing. Now, with service in 17 states across the country, Mustard Seed Truck Insurance is a trusted and respected name in the industry.

In February of 2011, the company partnered with Mustard Seed Financial & Insurance, an all-inclusive insurance brokerage firm. Together the two companies are able to provide most types of insurance to every type of client, at the most well-informed and competitive rates.

Mustard Seed has worked hard over the years to build and maintain a strong working relationship with many of the major trucking insurance companies. The agency has surrounded itself with knowledgeable company service representatives and commercial agents that also specialize in transportation insurance. Today, with a staff of over 250 years of combined experience in the insurance and trucking industry, we are better equipped than ever to provide you the absolute best in service.


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Meet the Mustard Seed Truck Insurance team:

  • Kelly Link
  • Kelle Sue Link
  • Mike Hibberd
  • Roy Harada
    Transportation Specialist
  • Joann Hooper
    Transportation Specialist/ CSR
  • Echo Fulkerson
    Customer Service Representative, Billing
  • Eric Fox
  • Paul Messersmith
  • Greg Paulson
    Transportation Specialist
  • Deirdre Watkins
    Transportation Specialist

Mustard Seed Truck Insurance is a subsidiary of Mustard Seed Financial & Insurance, a comprehensive insurance company serving all personal and business concerns.

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