Insurance Claims

Need to file a claim? If you carry insurance with Mustard Seed, we have the contact information and resources to take care of your situation. First, locate your insurer's name and policy number. Then find your company in the list below. Contact your insurance company directly to expedite your claim.

Want additional help or services? Contact us. We'll be glad to assist.

To File a Claim, Contact Your Insurance Company:
Company Contact number
Allianz (Fireman's Fund) 888-347-3428
Amtrust 212-220-7120
Auto-Owners Insurance 517-323-1200
Canal 800-452-6911
Carolina Casualty 866-724-2416
Chubb 800-252-4670
CNA Surety 800-331-6053
Colony 303-773-7204
First Comp 888-500-3344
Great American 800-643-7882
Harco 800-448-4642
Hartford 800-327-3636
Idaho State Insurance Fund 208-332-2100
James River 804-420-1058
Lancer 800-432-6608
Lexington 800-931-9546
Liberty Mutual 800-225-2467
Liberty Northwest 800-289-0930
Lloyds 866-264-2533
Maxum 800-598-6324
National Indemnity 800-356-5750
National Interstate 800-929-1500
Northland/Northfield 800-328-5972
Philadelphia 800-765-9749
Progressive 800-776-4737
Red Shield 800-527-7397
SAIF 800-285-8525
Scottsdale/National Casualty 800-423-7675
Sentry 800-558-9257
Travelers 800-238-6225
Topa 877-353-8672
Zurich 800-987-3373

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